Elaboration of methodology and computer tools for evaluation of importance of components of nuclear facility in relationship to physical protection and design basic threat.

Project within the Security Research Program of the Czech Republic in years 2010-2015.

Project description

Project objective is elaboration of methodology and computer tools for identification of vital components and areas of nuclear facility in relationship to physical protection. Vital areas need increased level of physical protection to ensure that initiating events of malevolent acts do not lead to undesirable events increasing the total risk of facility operation. Elaborated computer tool will support the effectiveness of the process of identification of important devices and areas according to designed methodology. Computer tools and methodology is generally applicable to complex facilities and parts of critical infrastructures.

In the new methodology oriented to security, the importance of plant components will be determined by means of up-to-date progressive methods of probabilistic safety assessment, which are broadly applied for evaluation of safety of nuclear power plants and other technologies.